The Extraordinary Performance Seminar

Rapidly changing business and economic climates demand that effective leaders and their teams be mentally agile, resilient and focused. Mentally agile individuals are able to rapidly convert obstacles into opportunities that further growth.

The most significant obstacles that leaders and teams face today are triggered states. When triggered people are prevented from accessing the parts of the brain that can generate innovation, collaboration, shift focus, gain wisdom from feedback, and effectively communicate.

This fast paced 3 hr. experiential program provides leaders and their teams with transformational concepts and tools that can be immediately applied inside their lives.

Through live demonstration, a series of coaching conversation, and

memorable content, each participant will walk away with an individualized set of tools to:

  1. 1. Practice the art of Disciplined Focus
  2. 2. Rapidly convert mistakes into Accelerated Learning
  3. 3. increasing the velocity of recovery from Triggered States
  4. 4. Incorporate the E Factor into your daily life

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