Breakthrough Golf Coaching

Whether on the golf course, in the hall way of your office, or in the training room the Breakthrough golf coaching process enables the client to rapidly view The patterns of thought and behavior that undermine performance.

"When you become conscious of a process previously unconscious it has the possibility Of causing an interruption".

Using the process of putting golf balls toward a target our clients are guided to:

  1. 1. Re-invent their relationship to mistakes
  2. 2. Experience what "being present" is an it's relationship to achieving desired outcomes
  3. 3. The Impact that focus has on communication and performance
  4. 4. Rapidly transform triggered states

Following the Breakthrough Golf process which could be anywhere from 1 hr. in your office, a three hour Teambuilding Process, or a nine hole playing session at our club or yours, each client is guided to construct a customized mental fitness program to strengthen the skills learned during the coaching process.

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